ABOUT ME – Triumph With Tracie


My name is Tracie and I was born and raised in a very small town in Ohio.  MY father was a High School teacher. (Remember typing class?)   and my mom a hair dresser.  My 2 younger brothers and I could not get away with anything because every one knew us.   That is good and bad sometimes.

After graduation I went to Finland as a Rotary Exchange Student for a year.   I loved it and knew I wanted to have a career where I could travel and meet new people.

I went to Southeastern Academy to study the travel industry and upon graduation, Eastern Airlines hired me for ramp service.   I loved it until the airline disappeared and I had no job.   I saw grown men and women in tears with 30+ years of experience, leave with absolutely nothing.  I found out that there is no job security so you better figure out how to take of yourelf so your employer doesn't leave you hanging out to dry.

I started waiting tables and liked that ok.   I still didn't know what I wanted to do.  I got married and my husband and I moved to Ohio to start up a Tropical Snow business.  We met at Eastern Airlines so we both lost our job.  We thought we'd just move and start our own business.  I wanted to be near my family anyways.  It wasn't what we thought it would be like, long hours, and no time.  The marriage ended and I worked waiting tables until I was sick of my life and packed up and moved to Arizona.   Fresh start.

Can you believe I drove out there with a friend that helped me find an apartment, buying furniture on credit to furnish my apartment without even having a job yet?   That was no problem getting a waitress job.  Met Husband #2 while I was working and I started helping him install glass block panels for home builders.   Talk about hard work in 110 degree temperatures.   He had 3 kids from a previous marriage and I fell in love with them.  So much so that I wanted my own baby.  I used to hate when they left to go home to their mom after a fabulous weekend spent with us. 

A friend introduced us to network marketing and it was the first time I ever heard of it.   I thought it was a great concept and we dug in.  Had a great team going there for awhile until they all quit.   We didn't know what we were doing and we quit the business too.   Between meetings, home parties, working all day.   It was exhausting.  It felt like another job.   

I wanted a baby anyways and we had our daughter when I was 37.   I couldn't work with my husband anymore and it was strange because we were together 24/7.   He turned to drugs and our marriage fell apart.   I moved back to Ohio to live with my partents with my 13 month old daughter and I was 12 weeks pregnant with my son.   Talk about being humiliated and feeling like a loser.  2 failed marriages now and not a success in network marketing.   I started waiting tables and had my son.  I met my third husband and we became a family and had a child together.   I was 41 and our son had been born with Down Syndrome.   What a shock.   I was scared that I wouldn't know how to take care of him.   But all that worry was for nothing.   We were all very happy until my husband passed away in 2012 and I was left with 7 acres of land and 3 kids to raise by myself.  I turned to network marketing again and was  doing pretty good until my teammies weren't willing to do all the crazy running around I was doing.   All the home parties with hardly anyone showing up.  I had to leave my kids 5 nights a week.  It was getting to me.  I knew there had to be a better way to build this business.  I knew the top leaders were not doing what I was doing and that somehow they figured out how to have their business on auto pilot and that is what I was searching for.

While scrolling  through my newsfeed on Facebook I came across an ad that intrigued me enough to take a look.  A single mom getting 100's of leads a day and not leaving her house.  I signed up for the free course teaching all about attraction marketing.   What a concept.   Actually having people come to you instead of you out chasing them.  It hit me that no one ever taught me about how to "market" in network marketing.  All they taught me was how to make my list of 100 people and contact everyone I know.  Have home parties, talk to strangers, go to meetings, hand out your business card, pass out samples.  It's all very time consuming.  

   I dove in and started learning from the leaders like Ferny Ceballos, Tim Erway,     Brandy Shaver, and Tanya Aliza.  I felt like I had hit gold because this is what I       had been wanting to learn for so long.  I dove in and learned, implemented     and    took action.  It was like going to college.   Yes, it was hard work, and many   tears   shed out of being so frustrated that I wasn't learning fast enough, but it   was   worth every single tear because I learned how to brand myself and build a following.  Bring in qualified leads every single day.   I'm attracting prospects to me instead of doing all the crazy running around and chasing them.  

The thing I was not expecting is having a group of mentors  that I grew to love because they believed in me and pushed me to take a look at myself, dig deep and grow my mindset.  Once you realize how important this is, you'll never want to be without it again.

I now have the skills to help other people build their business online and have the time freedom I was looking for to be here for my kids and do the extra fun things I've always wanted to do with them.

Whatever your goals are; more time with your kids, more time freedom, more   time  to travel, more money, more belief in yourself.....You have the ability to   reach them.  

You just have to be willing to invest in yourself with the right systems and the right mentors.

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